Why do you want to know my name and email address?
Synerger uses the information to contact you to discuss your project and to let you know of any offers we may have from time to time. Offer emails have an opt-out policy with instructions on how to opt out at the bottom of every email. Once you opt out, you'll never be contacted again unless you register for the offers mailing list again.

What other information do you track about me?
Synerger tracks which pages you visit on all of its websites. That information is not linked to you in particular rather the computer you use and the information is not published anywhere or shared with anyone. The information is used to improve Synerger's services and communications with customers.

How do you make sure nobody steals my credit card details?
Synerger does not store credit card details for any transaction and all transactions are effected through encrypted pages (SSL).

Do you share my information with other companies?
Synerger does not share information with any other companies. However, if required by law, we will.

Do you sell my information to anyone?

What do you do if an employee violates my privacy?
Synerger will dismiss the employee and attempt to recover and conceal the compromised information. Abuse of privilege is not accepted in the Synerger work environment.

Can I see and change the information you have about me?
On Synerger sites where you have a user account, information we store about you is clearly visible to you and you have the rights to change personal details.

How can I stop receiving email from you?
At the bottom of every mail sent to customer groups there are instructions on how to remove yourself from the mailing list. Should you have difficulties please fill in the contact form choosing Opt-out as the category and we'll remove it on your behalf. Emails directly from staff members that are unwanted can be dealt with by contacting Synerger management by phone.

Do you store information about my children?
We only store information about our customers when they have a user account with us. Our current systems do not request the user's age as we don't publish any restricted content.

Can I view information you store about my children?
You most certainly can. We require proof from you that your child is our customer and we'll then arrange for you to view the information we have stored about your child. Contact us by phone and we'll be happy to assist you.